How to post ices from Demon to a permalink

  1. Click “Add Photo/Video”
  2. Next, click “Upload Photos/Video”
  3. Next, select the picture you want to upload, and click “open”.
  4. Then Click “post”.
  5. Rick click on a date/time stamp on the post, and select “copy” (red arrows on the picture – either arrow will work).
  6. In the fight tab of Mafia Demon, click the “ices” tab, then click “options”.
  7. Click “add comment”, then post the permalink in the “post as comment” field, then select which fighting tab you want the ices to come from (“ices 1”, “ices 2”), and the number of messages per post (i.e. 4 ices per post).
  8. Next, go back to the fighting tab you want the ices to come from, and select “ices 1” or “ices 2” (it must match the selection on step #7).  It is possible to run the fight list (fight tab #1) posting ices to “ices1”, and those get posted to a permalink on the MWRT War page, and a bucket (fight tab #2) posting ices to “ices2”, and only the proper ices are posted to the specific page.