How to keep Mafia Wars running fast

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox for a browser – and install ProfileSwitcher (Firefox) or Profile Manager (Chrome) to create and switch between profiles.  Other browsers work – however, compatibility is always confirmed with Chrome and Firefox first…..
  2. Create separate profiles for each Mafia Wars login – and these profiles should only be used to play Mafia Wars (do not browse Facebook or any other site – only launch Mafia Wars).  You should create separate profiles for browsing the web and accessing Facebook.  This keeps temporary files from bogging down the game.
  3. Backup your profiles.
    Chrome is located in C:\Users\>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
    Firefox is located in C:\Users\>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles
    You should copy the profile folders to your “Documents Library” (create a folder called “Chrome Profiles” and/or “Firefox Profiles” and copy your profile folders to that directory.
  4. When you first create a profile, create a backup labeled “fresh install”, and then create a backup weekly of your profile labeled “weekly backup”.
  5. Restoring profiles is simple – you simply copy the data back to that folder (overwriting all files).  This will have your bookmarks, passwords, add-ons, scripts and even the script data (you don’t have to create separate backup files).
  6. You can restore your profiles from one computer to another – the only thing that must be done is to create the profiles before you copy the data to that folder.
  7. Limit the number of addons you install into a browser – each addon takes up memory and cpu usage.
  8. Limit the number of startup items on your PC – again, each item takes up memory and cpu usage.
  9. Backup your profiles, then run CCleaner.  You can restore your backed up profiles and not lose anything.
  10. Suggested setup for multiple profiles is 8GB RAM and a core i-3 processor or better.  If you have 4GB of RAM, consider disabling AERO and other visual experiences in Windows (this takes up about 2GB of RAM).
  11. Suggested internet speed is 10Mbps or greater (this will handle up to 8 profiles without a problem – Mafia Wars doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth).  The higher speed connection you have, your game will remain stable.
  12. Use OpenDNS and/or Google DNS instead of your default DNS servers.
  13. Make sure that you have proper Virus protection, updates are installed (browser, OS, virus protection, flash, etc…) and you run defrag on your hard drive (If you have Windows 8 – you don’t need to run it – it is automated).
  14. Other suggestions – get a flash drive or external hard drive to store your backups.  If your computer dies – it makes it really easy to restore your profiles.

Everyone has their “theories” – but a clean system, with minimal temporary internet files and addons will give you the best performance.  Zynga, Mafia Demon, Mafia Wars Add-On, Spockholm and other programmers base their performance on this….