The Mafia Wars Round Table

The MWRT was founded January 31, 2010.  We are a family that plays together, fights together and stays together.  Our white tag symbols include  ⫸ ⫷ and [MWRT].

Our alliances are:  {MWD} Mafia War Dogs 개 and {Ĺј} Lethal Injection  Ĺ.

If you are interested in joining the MWRT, we are always recruiting new players.  We are currently accepting red tag players that complete their daily family progression to gold, have 60k combined att/def, and white tag players 60k combined att/def.  There are always exceptions made for exceptional players.  Contact any of our admins if you are interested in joining us!

Our Leadership Team:
Ron May – Godfather
Julie Belleci – Godmother
Rob Narolis – Warlord
Jim Conley – Warlord
Sherri Zook Knight – Admin
Peg Muller – Admin
Robyn Parkinson – Admin
Renee Rego – Admin